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The Making Of Monster Week

                                                                 Monster Week #1 by Count-KraumBurger1

This one I had in my head for a long time. I also think this is the one I'm most happy with. This one I think of gender ambiguous but I found a woman model on google to base on the shape of head/torso on. I thought it would be unique if the snakes would be the creature's mouth. If you squint, you can make tell that they're smiling. I also got the idea for the word balloons on comics I've read.

                                                                        Monster Week #2 by Count-KraumBurger1

I thought of this one right after reading Clive Barker's "The Hellbound Heart", the novel that launched the Hellraiser franchise. I thought of this demonic S&M demon after reading more on the character of Pinhead, the head Cenobite monster of the book and movies. I thought the horns for eyes would look pretty cool. Not sure what to call him, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

                                                                      Monster Week #3 by Count-KraumBurger1

I was reading "Famous Monsters of Filmland" a month ago and I read the article about the "Planet of the Apes" movies. I thought it would be very unsettling if the apes would be bald or completely shaved of their fur, which lead to Doctor Anthrotting here. I also thought it would make him classy by having a silver beard on him and making him a "mad doctor" of sorts.

                                                                                   Monster Week #4 by Count-KraumBurger1

This one I wanted a really different, alien/biologically bizarre monster (good name for a band, now that I think of it). I saw these old B-Movie aliens in a magazine and thought the big head/little bodies would be a good match, and the mutant embryo angle soon followed. I had the "Kirby Krackle" effect for the border to switch things up. On the downside, I didn't make the feeding tube connect to the body so it looks kinda weird.

                                                                                 Monster Week #5 by Count-KraumBurger1

This one, I consider to be my most Jim Henson-esque drawing I've made. I can imagine the puppeteer controlling the arms of this one. I picture him as this evil counselor in a bird society, I based him on the villains of the movie "Dark Crystal". I think I like this one for the shading I've done, really adds to the evilness of him. I think I'll call him Vultrosso. I also have his border done up like a bird cage.

                                                           Monster Week #6 by Count-KraumBurger1

This one has a special history to me. At first, I wanted to do these designs for a "Darkstalkers" type of fighting game called "Graveyard Smash" which this one would be one of the protagonists. Second, I really love the Michael Jackson song "Thriller" and he was a tribute to Jackson's character (the letterman's jacket should be a tip off). I also used an indigo color for shading him to change it up. Unfortunately I forgot to add in the white stripe like the one Jackson had in the video so that disappoints me greatly. I think a good name would be Mike Rivers (after three famous werewolf actors; Michael Landon (I Was a Teenage Werewolf,1957), Michael J. Fox (Teen Wolf, 1985) and of course, Michael Jackson ("Thriller", 1983).

                                                          Monster Week #7 by Count-KraumBurger1

Another character for "Graveyard Smash", this one would be a villain (named, "The Spectre") based on "Phantom of the Opera" mixed with Vega from the "Street Fighter" series. He would also be based on Record Mogul/Murderer Phil Spectre (which fittingly enough, would be affiliated with the "Phantom of the Opera" in the 1974 cult film, "Phantom of the Paradise" as the main villain). If you can tell, his mask and buttons are golden disco balls. I did a sickly green shading job to emulate the "Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem" film and I think I did a decent job on it. 

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  • Drinking: juices, mostly.


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