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  I went to see Jurassic World last night.

  Did not like it.

  The dinosaurs were all pretty much cgi and it didn't feel real, it felt fake and rather dull at times. This was a major problem due to how most of the film took place in the day, and cgi like this in a daytime setting is pretty problematic as you can see all the flaws in it. It only got bearable when the film went into the night and it was less glaring, much like how the original film knew how to avoid the aforementioned problem.

  The characters were all pretty much forgettable and annoying. The dialogue was hacky and unnatural, like the writing team just passed in their first draft and called it a day. I could barely remember their damn names and I still don't care about them, especially the guy with the glasses and beard that I assume was the "audience surrogate" which always feels insulting. The plot was equally bad with the fact the bad guys wanted to militarize the dinosaurs like it was a Syfy movie that got inserted into this movie.

  The two biggest victims of characterizations would be Bryce Dallas Howard and her nephew, Gray. Gray was originally going to be autistic and somehow that got dropped. Would've been nice to see more autistic people on film, but never frigging mind. But the biggest would be BDH's treatment. She's shown as a big-wig in the company and personally responsible for the park but everyone talks down to her and is shown little to no respect from her employees, all adding up to just be Chris Pratt's love interest (which his character seems to be bitter that they never got to hook up previous, casting an unsavoury shadow on him overall). Its pretty damn insulting that her entire character arc is "frigid woman needs to unwind and have kids", especially when he vapid sister dumps them on her door without considering she has bigger things to do, you know, RUN A DAMN THEME PARK. In addition to that, one of the nephews is 16, so really she doesn't need to babysit them on her work time. Also, spending the movie running in high heels? BULLCRAP! Her feet would be swollen and bloodied by the time the credits end.

  Speaking of the end, how are they supposed to milk a sequel out of this? Is the park shut down forever again? Is Chris Pratt gonna team up with Emmet, Star Lord and FBI Agent Burt Macklin to stop more genetically altered dinos? Are the survivors of the park catastrophe gonna kidnap BDH, Doctor Wu and all the other responsible parties to make them dig their own graves?

  The only thing I can genuinely say I liked was the battle at the end with all the dinosaurs teaming up against the I-Rex. Then again, most of the movie felt rather bored of itself. The dinosaurs didn't carry much majesty, the science didn't feel as important and I really couldn't get immersed in the world like the first movie. I would've liked to see the how the world reacted to the fact a new park opened up, how the world of science and biology would benefit from a perfected cloning formula, stuff like that. We're just told people are getting bored with the park but I couldn't tell either way how to feel, nothing really felt properly build up upon to have a good payoff. Overall, barely above average.


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